At PEC, we specialise in gardens
and urban landscapes.

The company is ideally structured to respond to calls to tender, issued by either public or private entities, for maintenance or creation activities, and for both transaction and procurement contracts.

We have extensive experience of working in this way, the result of years of hard work and collaboration with clients who share our values.

PEC can provide professional expertise at all stages, from initial reflections to the final delivery of a landscaping project.



At PEC, we can assist you in designing a garden or landscaped area responding to your wishes and requirements,
offering solutions which are practical and innovative, beautiful and environmentally responsible.


Over the years, we have developed and expanded our capacities in order to provide
all of the different services involved in a garden or landscaping project.

We are able to carry out even the most complex projects, transforming your site into the garden of your dreams.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Earthworks/grading
  • Road/path layouts
  • Networks
  • Garden masonry
  • Rockfill
  • Gabion walling
  • Laid hedges
  • Water course landscaping
  • Plant engineering
  • Metalwork
  • Integrated watering systems
  • Surfacing (concrete, stonework, etc.)
  • Borders
  • Swimming pools
  • Ponds
  • Plant walls
  • Planting
  • Lawn creation (seeding, turfing, etc.)
  • Synthetic lawns
  • Lawn tile placement
  • Street furniture
  • Play equipment
  • Water features
  • Mulching
  • Trelliswork
  • Green roofing

A landscaping project may involve any or all of these elements; we offer our clients a complete, integrated and high-quality solution to their requirements. Why deal with multiple companies when we can do it all for you?


Due to the use of living materials, it is impossible to design a garden without giving due consideration
to its evolution and development over time.

Landscapers must be able to take account of these complex aspects, using their knowledge and instincts
to envisage how a garden will look in the future; they also need to be able to communicate this vision to clients.
They have a duty to preserve and integrate the living things present in the landscape, allowing their natural qualities (flowers, foliage, growth patterns, aroma, sensory memory triggers, etc.) to shine.
We pay particular attention to the upkeep and maintenance of our gardens over time,
through the expertise and dedication of our specialist gardeners.

Our maintenance techniques are based on an in-depth knowledge of plants, their growth cycles, the climate, local soil types and natural methods, and aim to provide our clients
with the best possible visual and olfactory experience.

Our staff undergoes regular training in environmental best practice, based on “common sense” notions, to ensure respectful management of the environment within the landscapes we manage. We use a variety of tools to monitor the evolution of our landscaped areas, ensuring that your garden
continues to evolve in a harmonious manner.