From the outset, PEC has prided itself on its availability,
service, speed, quality, and dedication
to client relationships.

We now employ around twenty professional landscapers, all highly qualified, most of whom have followed our in-house training programme.  We recruit and train staff through an apprenticeship programme, based on shared passion and dedication. This contributes to developing strong team spirit, loyalty and devotion to the company, establishing a solid foundation from which we are able to tackle any landscaping challenge, no matter how complex.

We operate in a highly varied market which is subject to complex legislation. We possess the expertise necessary to comply with current requirements and to adapt to future developments in our profession, and are ideally placed to take on large-scale projects with even the most complex regulatory constraints.

Our personnel undertake training in areas as diverse as first aid, certiphyto (certification in phytopharmaceutics), electrical engineering, HGV driving and the use of heavy site machinery. This guarantees the safety of our workforce, and provides valuable support to our professional landscapers when training apprentices.

The company is open year-round (reception, design studio, administrative department and production). An on-call team is available to cope with urgent problems 7 days a week.

We offer full support in logistics and in the administrative and financial management of operations.

Our consulting department is staffed by highly-qualified landscape design professionals, and is involved in operational monitoring and project design.


At PEC, we have access to a wide range of equipment,
providing our clients with expert services at the best possible price.

Our specialist machinery is maintained and updated on a regular basis in order to ensure maximum efficiency, and is subject to regular safety testing by an outside body. We possess a range of heavy goods vehicles, including a crane, digger, loader, lift, and a tractor, in addition to specialist topographical equipment.

Our offices also contain all of the equipment necessary for the production of detailed project plans and sketches (with a tracer, scanner, map cutter/folder, etc.).